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The components of this kit are in stock, the kit is a build to order item.

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Kit Components

Code Product Description Qty Image
QRE33115Cylinder Kit
Bore 106.5
115.28 ex VAT - In Stock
4Cylinder Kit
QRE501579Gasket Set
114.84 ex VAT - In Stock
1Gasket Set
QAR67942Oil Seal
12.06 ex VAT - In Stock
1Oil Seal
QR78598Thrust Washer
8.38 ex VAT - In Stock
4Thrust Washer
QR57160Balancer Bush
Diameter: 41, 35x38, 30 - Tickness 27, 40mm
8.47 ex VAT - In Stock
6Balancer Bush
QR57451Conrod Bush
7.68 ex VAT - In Stock
4Conrod Bush
QRE44574Crankshaft Seal
32.08 ex VAT - In Stock
1Crankshaft Seal
QAR81788Thrust Bearings
10 Thou
30.59 ex VAT - In Stock
1Thrust Bearings
QRE27349Conrod Bearings
10 Thou
7.13 ex VAT - In Stock
4Conrod Bearings
QRE27353Main Bearings
10 Thou
8.80 ex VAT - In Stock
4Main Bearings

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